Eco-Budget-Conscious Fashionistas, This is Your Lucky Year to Shine!!

by Dr. Robi Ludwig
    In the middle of a crowded and popular New York City diner on Madison Avenue, I had the opportunity to interview two lovely and dynamic ladies in the fashion world: Bonnie Levine and Stephanie Pietromonaco. This dynamic duo have been friends since kindergarten and are now the enterprising pair behind the luxury e-commerce consignment shop,
    Budget conscious fashionistas are now in luck! This on-line store specializing in selling luxury, preowned designer clothes and accessories, is now available to anyone who wants to look like a movie star but has to consider the financial bottom line. The site, which originally launched on ebay, became in 2013.
    What’s so striking about Bonnie and Stephanie is the passion and vision they have for their store as well as how they make others feel about themselves. After sitting with them for only a few moments, I too felt like I could have been friends with them since grade school.
    Bonnie and Stephanie clearly have an eye for beautiful clothes, but more importantly, they know how to take care of their valued customers. The Mindycara client becomes one of their special friends. The buyer becomes a friend who is taken care of and can trust these two owners to have her best interests at heart. Perhaps this is one reason is becoming a favorite go-to-site amongst chic women who want to feel and look their best at a more economical price.
   It’s this nurturing approach that’s helped the owners to cultivate a unique clothing-owner-clientele relationship. The clients who share their clothes with them consist of New York City’s high profile, socialites, TV personalities, artists, designers, as well as the ladies who lunch crowd.
Bonnie and Stephanie bring their respective professional backgrounds in business, marketing, fashion, in addition to their stellar artistic eye, to carefully curate authentic, quality clothes that have classic appeal. And whatever they are doing, it’s working, because they now have both worldwide clients and buyers who are hooked and loyal fans.
    Let’s face it, designer clothes are the dream of every fashion conscious woman. The magic behind these clothes is that they’re gorgeous, well tailored, and in some cases can even boost one’s social status. They almost always boost one’s visual self-esteem. Choosing the “right” clothes is not only about being fashionable, but enhances a woman’s take control attitude and that feel good from the inside out. intuitively understands well-made, well-designed clothes which can enhance a woman’s appearance and empower her to do great things. I think we can all agree, when a woman is confident, she radiates a special kind of beauty and glow.
    Bonnie and Stephanie were recently honored when Mindycara Luxury Consignment was recognized among the leaders in the fashion industry. The fashion industry and environmentally conscious individuals recognized them as being a small business, helping to save the environment, by encouraging women to “recycle” their luxury goods, which might otherwise end up in landfills.
    As we finished up our delightful lunch, a stunning Upper East Side Fashionista stopped by our table to say, “Hello” and to let these two ladies know she had more fabulous clothes to send Mindycara’s eco-chic way. is looking forward to a successful 2014. Bonnie and Stephanie plan to grow their business. Their secret for success is to continue to provide exemplary customer service to both their clients who trust them to sell their luxury items, as well as their exquisitely tasteful buyers, who now proudly come from all over the world.