One Week to Save Your Marriage


Dr. Robi LudwigConstant bickering, miscommunication and infidelity lead many couples to end their marriage — but with the return of TLC’s hit series ONE WEEK TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE, host Dr. Robi Ludwig shows that divorce isn’t their only option. Premiering Monday, March 26 at 10 PM ET/PT, Dr. Ludwig works to salvage the relationships of seven couples who have hit their breaking point.

Dr. Robi LudwigEach hour-long episode of ONE WEEK TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE is dedicated to the story of one couple making a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage by working with Dr. Ludwig over a seven day time span. First, closed-circuit television cameras are placed throughout their home, giving Dr. Ludwig — and viewers — full access to their daily lives and an unfiltered inside look into their relationship. Then, after closely observing the couple’s interaction, Dr. Ludwig makes her move to begin repairing their marriage.

Dr. Robi LudwigAfter putting each couple through a series of exercises designed to release hidden resentments and re-open the lines of communication, Dr. Ludwig attempts to get the couple to remember why they fell in love with each other in the first place. Through role-reversal and cathartic exercises, Dr. Ludwig teaches the couple to empathize and connect with each other once again. Finally, she forces the couple to confront the reality of divorce, and each episode concludes with Dr. Ludwig asking the ultimate question — whether or not they want to save their marriage.

On, viewers will have access to exclusive web video and podcasts containing Dr. Ludwig’s “Marriage Survival Tips,” as well as love and relationship quizzes and interactive games. Additional features include: “He Said/She Said Marriage Makeover,” a side-by-side comparison of common phrases and key words used in arguments, with suggestions on how to say things differently; and a look at “Marriage Through the Years,” where Dr. Ludwig analyzes the keys to successful marriages at the various stages of life.

ONE WEEK TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE is produced for TLC by BBC New York Productions. For TLC, Julie Rose McCully is executive producer. For BBC New York, John Hesling is executive producer.