Without Prejudice?

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Dr. Robi LudwigThe definition of the term “politically correct” is ever changing. The United States built itself upon being a nation of one people and is a country that professes to protect minorities and the underprivileged from injustice. There is certainly evidence to suggest that this is true: wars have been fought to protect minorities, and laws made for the equality of women – but how far have we really come as a people? Being “politically correct” is currently a hot, multi-faceted topic, and WITHOUT PREJUDICE? is about to take the temperature of the nation.

Without PrejudiceHosted by Dr. Robi Ludwig, a renowned psychotherapist and award-winning journalist, this thought-provoking series is about five contestants opening their lives for examination by five ordinary strangers who will decide which of the contestants, in their opinion, deserves to receive a one-time prize of $25,000. The panel and viewers at home will find out more about each of the contestants as the show goes on and as they do, the panel will eliminate contestants. WITHOUT PREJUDICE? does not approve or disapprove of anything anyone does or says but the panelists and contestants, chosen from various parts of the country and from all walks of life, will inevitably say what viewers at home are thinking. The question is will their determination be made “without prejudice?”

Without PrejudiceEach hour-long episode will begin with the contestants making a first impression on the panelists. Based solely on 15 seconds worth of pre-taped introduction, at that point one contestant is eliminated by the panel before the end of the first act. The panelists are then presented with in-depth background packages on the four remaining hopefuls in their home environments. These packages reveal information about their past, their education, their jobs and their adult lives. After a brief discussion amongst the panelists, the show moves into the third act where additional pre-taped interviews reveal the contestants’ beliefs about three of the following topics:

  • Immigration
  • Gay marriage and adoption
  • Job outsourcing abroad
  • A woman’s right to abortion
  • Interracial relationships
  • Mothers and career vs. staying at home
  • Women in politics
  • Right to spank children
  • Prostitution
  • War and terrorism
  • Sex and violence in the media
  • Death penalty
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Religion
  • The right to bear arms

At the close of the third act, a second contestant is eliminated, and the panel sees more background on the three remaining contestants’ hobbies and everyday interaction with family and friends. The fourth act includes a hidden camera element meant to reveal character and behavior by the contestants placed in the same situation. For example, one constructed scenario might include the contestant getting into a cab and discovering a cell phone has been left behind in the back seat. What will they do when they think no one is watching?

Act five begins with elimination, leaving two contestants. The first contestant comes out to be interviewed by the panel. Any question but what would they do with a large sum of money may be asked of them. Act six features the interview of the second of the two finalists and then, in the final and seventh act, the panel votes and the winner of the $25,000 is revealed to the two finalists and viewers at home.

WITHOUT PREJUDICE? made its original debut in the UK to critical acclaim and won an International Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Non-scripted Popular Arts Programming its first season. It has aired in numerous countries, including Chile and Holland. Produced by 12 Yard Productions, David Young and Andrew Culpin serve as executive producers and Andrew Musson as supervising producer.